Excerpt from Methlick Parish Notes September 2011

“Did you say they went into the river?”

This summer’s headlines were filled with tragic stories from Syria, Norway and London. But perhaps the most disturbing story of all is how no one seems able to answer the question posed 3,000 years ago by Psalm 4: ‘Who can show us any good?

It may sound trite to mention what’s happening in our little corner of the world, but there are many signs of new life at the church: our first mission trip to serve orphans alongside the Bastables in Kenya; a newly refurbished organ; a new year round Sunday service at 10:30am; soft new pew cushions kindly sewn by Sharon McHardy; an Alpha Course or Explorative Bible Study each day of the week; and soon new scaffolding to enfold the clock tower.

Most encouraging of all, these exterior blessings are signs of a deeper life within. On Pentecost Sunday, five former sceptics braved the icy waters of the River Ythan to become new members of Methlick church. Two men, three women, ages 13 to 70. Why did they do it? You should ask them yourself, because each story is a genuine miracle. But here are two reasons:

First, to boldly answer the question ‘Who can show us any good?’ with the name of Jesus Christ. The second reason is to answer a question posed by The Times in between the two world wars. Leading intellectuals were asked to write articles answering the question: ‘What is wrong with the world?’ In response, one journalist wrote a letter to the editors: ‘Dear sirs, I am. Sincerely yours, G.K Chesterton.’

Today’s world is quick to blame, quick to point fingers. Church is a place for people who humbly say, ‘I’m the problem,’ and then point to Jesus Christ as the answer. This winter as the darkness draws in, come and see the new life springing up at your local church. Come to wonder, come to question. Come to be part of the solution. You will find people as ordinary as you are - and a God more real than you can imagine.




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